Mark Duplass used his SXSW keynote speech to promote grassroots film-making

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Mark Duplass used his keynote speech at SXSW  to outline his step-by-step survival guide for young directors who don’t want to compromise in order to get their films made.

“The first step is the $3 short film,” he said. “We’re in a place now where technology is so cheap that there’s no excuse for you not to be making films on the weekends with your friends, shot on your iPhone – we had a feature film at Sundance this year that was shot entirely on iPhones and it did really well.”

“It changed everything for us,” said Duplass. “Because it really doesn’t matter what your movie looks like – because if you have a voice and something interesting to say they will like you and they will program you.”

“At the risk of saying you should make a self-indulgent film for your first movie: you should make a self-indulgent film for your first movie.”

“As the death of the middle class of film has happened, it has been re-birthed in television,” he said. “The way you used to make really awesome $5m movies that didn’t have movie stars in them and had really great, cool original content, that’s happening in cable TV right now.”

Source:  www.theguardin.com

Photograph: Heather Kennedy/Getty Images for SXSW