Blackmagic Design Announces New Intensity Pro 4K Capture Card!

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The Intensity Pro 4K Capture Card is a newly designed super fast PCIe card that allows you to capture and playback SD, HD and Ultra HD video on Windows, Mac and Linux PCI Express computers

If you’re a gamer who wants to record high quality UHD video of their gameplay? If you’re  someone who has a lot of archival footage on older analog formats? Maybe you’re a video editor who needs real time preview on a big screen HDTV?.  Either way Blackmagic’s new Intensity Pro 4K includes all the features of the Intensity Pro model it replaces and adds deep color support in HDMI, higher frame rate 1080 60p capture and playback and high resolution Ultra HD capture and playback up to 2160 30p via HDMI.

From BlackMagic Design:

Connect and Capture from Anything

Edit and stream video, capture gameplay or convert old tapes!

Whether you’re editing video and you need a realtime preview on a big screen TV, if you’re a hardcore gamer creating high frame rate walk throughs of your latest gameplay, or you’re trying to save family videos from old VHS tapes, Intensity Pro 4K has all the video connections and features you need! Intensity Pro 4K includes both analog and digital connections that let you easily plug in everything from older VHS decks to the latest big screen 4K televisions! You can even connect your cameras and use Intensity Pro 4K for live streaming, video conferencing, presentations and more!

Works With Everything

Use the video software you know and love.

Intensity Pro 4K is a PCIe card for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. It includes the easy to use Media Express software for Mac, Windows and Linux, along with DaVinci Resolve Lite for Mac and Windows. That means you get a complete video capture and post production solution in the box without having to buy any additional software! You can also save files in QuickTime or Windows Media format and then use them with other popular Mac and Windows applications like Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, Media Composer, Fusion, After Effects, Flash and many more.