Terry Gilliam Animated Film “Storytime” Before Monty Python [Video]

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Terry Gilliam is today known as a gifted filmmaker, animator and storyteller as well as being a member of the creatively hilarious and witty ‘Monty Python’ comedy troupe. In the beginning of his collaboration with the Pythons, Gilliam was initially credited as an animator before becoming a fully fledged member. His animations provided a visual segue between many of the Monty Python’s Flying Circus skits and defined the visual language for the show and subsequent films.

Yet Gilliam’s first passion was directing  and back in 1968, he made his first foray into directing with a short film called Storytime. Storytime is comprised of three segments, “Don The Cockroach, “The Albert Einstein Story” and “A Christmas Card,”  and all are very creative and fascinating in their own special way.

So here it is in its entirety…Storytime: