Canon’s 1D C is getting a $4,000 Price Drop on February 1st!

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New lower pricing for the Canon EOS-1D C will go into effect in North America on February 1st, taking the retail price from $11,999 down to $7,999. The camera is approaching its third year, introduced in April of 2012. The 18MP full-frame sensor is capable of 4K video.

The Canon EOS-1D C still has some limitations as does every other DSLR, but for those who want a small 4K camera with great image quality with low good light capabilities it might actually work for your budget.


Compact, Durable, Self-Contained 4k Video Recording
The EOS-1D C is an HD video powerhouse providing cinematographers 4K video capture in a single unit, with no need for external power or recording devices. The EOS-1D C is fully self-contained, with the ergonomic ease-of-use portability one expects from a Canon DSLR. Control layout is intuitive for both still and video shooting and the compact size provides an unobtrusive method to getting your desired footage. The EOS-1D C is also fully sealed for protection against dust and moisture