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Amazon plans to plunge head first into the indie film market!

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Amazon announced Monday that it plans to move into the movie business with independently produced films.

Amazon plans to produce 12 films per year with budgets that range from $5 million to $25 million dollars. The films will be available for theatrical release as well as streaming on Amazon Prime video as soon as 4 to 8 weeks later. This is an attempt by Amazon to create a new art-house studio that makes films digitally available to viewers faster.

This is good news for the independent film movement, which has seen big studios abandon dramatic films to focus more on action blockbusters and sequels which the studio feels are less risky.

Amazon stated it hoped to produce films on the level of Eat Drink Man Woman and American Splendor. American Splendor went on to win the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival  back in in 2003.

Amazon Studios vice president Roy Price said: “We hope this program will also benefit filmmakers, who too often struggle to mount fresh and daring stories that deserve an audience.”

Production will start later this year.