Can Final Cut Pro regain it former glory?

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Since it launch in the spring of 2011 Final Cut Pro X has taken a beating from a league of devoted FCP users who swore by the editing software’s powerful performance and intuitive structure. Instead of  the anticipated Final Cut Pro 8, which may have been Final Cut Pro 7 with an updated 64 bit architecture… Apple decided to rebuild the software from the ground up with   FCPX.

Final Cut Pro 7 users at the time found FCPX so different in nature and without many of the pro features they had grown used to they refused to even give it a chance. If your one of those or you heard that FCPX is just “Imovie Pro”… you might want to do yourself a favor and take the time to learn more about this powerful and inexpensive software called FCPX.

Features of Final Cut Pro X:

Optimized for the new Mac Pro and featuring dozens of new pro editing enhancements.

Updated for the next-generation providing unprecedented performance when editing and monitoring 4K video and working with complex graphics and effects. FCPX natively supports Sony XAVC, REDCODE RAW, and more.

FCPX supports external monitoring at resolutions up to 4K. Use the HDMI port on the new Mac Pro to connect directly to a high-quality display. Or use third‑party I/O devices for gorgeous 10-bit video monitoring via Thunderbolt 2.

Projects and events are now contained within libraries, You can manage multiple productions using separate libraries and easily edit across libraries.

Native MXF support

Import, edit, and share MXF files with Final Cut Pro X and Motion. Native support means there’s no need to transcode or re-wrap MXF files from asset management systems or third-party apps. And included Compressor settings make it simple to export OP1a MXF files in a variety of frame rates, frame sizes, and codecs.

High dynamic range video

Record video with high dynamic range on some of the most popular professional video cameras, then apply a real-time preset to adjust the look of the image to match broadcast specifications (Rec. 709). Supported devices include the latest pro cameras from ARRI, Canon, Blackmagic Design, and Sony.

Improved audio reording

New voiceover tools let you easily record audio right in Final Cut Pro X. A visual countdown allows you to start recording precisely on time. And multiple takes can be automatically added to an Audition clip so you can quickly choose the best version while looping playback.

Multicam controls

Add just the audio or video portion of a Multicam Clip to the timeline. You can also detach audio from Multicam Clips in the timeline to manipulate audio and video separately.

FXPlug 3

FxPlug allows developers to create custom controls and layouts directly within the Inspector in Final Cut Pro X. And FxPlug 3 plug-ins can take advantage of the dual GPUs in Mac Pro to greatly improve real-time playback and speed up rendering.

Project snapshots

Instantly capture the state of any project for fast versioning. With each Snapshot, Final Cut Pro also creates static Compound and Multicam clips to avoid accidental changes to the Snapshot as you continue editing.

Enhanced retiming

Add precise retime speeds by entering them numerically in the Custom Speed window as percentage or duration. Choose to ripple or maintain length when adding a retime effect, and use the Replace with Retime to Fit command to swap clips while retaining the original timeline length.

Intelligent Stabilization

A new stabilization engine analyzes footage for dominant motion characteristics and automatically applies the correct algorithm. The new InertiaCam can even eliminate wobble during pans and zooms, with controls that let you fine-tune stabilization amounts.

Export directly to third-party- systems

Developers can plug directly into the Share interface within Final Cut Pro, allowing for seamless export to third-party systems including Primestream FORK, ToolsOnAir, Cantemo Portal, Softron, Sienna, and Vizrt.

Other improvements

Final Cut Pro 10.1.2 includes many other highly requested features, such as used-media indicators for all clip types, unused-media filter in the Browser, 4K sharing to Vimeo, library export via XML, relative and absolute volume adjustments, and the ability to create keywords from Finder tags.

More :

  • Selective copy and paste of attributes. copy and paste of only selected video/audio attributes
  • No need to hit cmd-S to save.
  • Quickly creates smart collection to find files that are not yet optimized
  • Audition
  • Precision editor
  • Hit Shift-F to reveal in Event library
  • To-do markers
  • Timeline index
  • Easily add and edit titles on the fly
  • Ease of Multicam editor
  • Awesome proliferation of 3rd party developers.

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