IMAX Documentary Film (IMAX) to produce A Perfect Planet (IMAX) using ISS Video Images!

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The International Space Station (ISS) provides an unparalleled perspective of how both natural and human forces shape planet Earth. IMAX Documentary Film (IMAX) aims to produce a three dimensional movie called A Perfect Planet, which uses ISS-based video and images to illustrate these impacts for audiences of all ages. IMAX also showcases NASA’s exploration efforts, and highlights the ISS as a platform for scientific research and a stepping stone to deep space exploration.

 Experiment Description
Research Overview
• Earth views are taken to illustrate the expansion of the human footprint across the Earth and the increasing consumption of finite resources.
• These views illustrate the effects of increasing deforestation, erosion and siltation.
• Earth views also illustrate the effects of climate change (glaciers/ice caps/desertification) and captures real-time events such as storms, volcanic eruptions, wild fires etc.
• Satellite imagery illustrates cumulative changes on Earth’s surface over time.
• On board activities illustrate how crews are learning to adapt to, and counteract the effects of long-duration space flight to aid in future space exploration.
• IMAX also aims to explore the completed ISS and illustrate its value as a unique platform for scientific research for multiple disciplines.

Space Applications

The film A Perfect Planet connects people to the space program by providing unique views of Earth from space. IMAX movie scenes demonstrate how crew members adapt to life in space, and how future crews must counter the effects of long-duration space travel. The film enhances awareness of NASA and its exploration programs, including those aimed at studying Earth and those designed to explore the solar system and beyond. The film inspires the next generation of scientists, engineers and explorers who will study space and invent new technologies for improving life on Earth.

Earth Applications
IMAX provides high definition, three dimensional views of Earth and how it is changing over time, including through deforestation, erosion, glacier and ice cap melting, and the growth of deserts. The film illustrates the impact humans are having on Earth, including through climate change and through the consumption of limited resources. Audiences around the world will see and understand how humans are changing their home planet, and how it continues to be shaped by natural forces. The film illustrates the importance of conservation, sustainability and environmental awareness for future generations.