The Story of Film: An Odyssey

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In case you missed it!

The Story of Film: An Odyssey is a wonderfully produced documentary film by Mark Cousins which paints a much more detailed picture of the history and evolution of film production from its advent in 1895 to today’s cinema. If you are a ardent fan of the genre, a student of filmmaking or a seasoned professional, The Story of Film: An Odyssey is a must see expose of the history of the visual art.

This documentary outlines in a much broader way the importance and influence women had on the genre of filmmaking from its earliest days. It also points out the importance the influence of filmmakers from all over the word had on the evolution of modern film.

The narration by Cousins is a bit flat but that’s a small price to pay for the unparallelled information on film-making given by this excellent documentary film.

Produced by: John Archer
Directed by: Mark Cousins
Written by: Mark Cousins
Based on : The Story of Film by Mark Cousins
Narrated by: Mark Cousins
Editing by: Timo Langer
Production Company: Hopscotch Films
Country: U.K.
Language: English
Running Time: 915 minutes

List of Episodes:

Episode 1 – Birth of the Cinema
Episode 2 – The Hollywood Dream
Episode 3 – The Golden Age of World Cinema
Episode 4 – The Arrival of Sound
Episode 5 – Post-War Cinema
Episode 6 – Sex & Melodrama
Episode 7 – European New Wave
Episode 8 – New Directors, New Form
Episode 9 – American Cinema of the 70s
Episode 10 – Movies to Change the World
Episode 11 – The Arrival of Multiplexes and Asian Mainstream
Episode 12 – Fight the Power: Protest in Film
Episode 13 – New Boundaries: World Cinema in Africa, Asia & Latin America
Episode 14 – New American Independents & The Digital Revolution
Episode 15 – Cinema Today and the Future

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